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We are proud to present you a new groundbreaking idm-influenced release from this talented producer, tosteur. As part of broadening our label interests, this release shows yet another, more experimental side of the label. First in the series of tosteur’s releases, comes codename, which explores the artists interests in animal camouflage and attack tactics.

This animal-themed excursion starts with tortoise, a track that is all about reinventing of the basic theme through different effected marshmallow themes. The ever-growing glitchy plucked-ness is intersected with carefully crafted microtuning woodland creatures. A sure maneuver for those pushy social group events.

Little do we know about those enigmatic patterns that define this majestic beast. All we were able to deduce from this staring giraffe in its native land is the lack of appropriate hiding objects and scenery. Little did she know what was going in the nearby bush…

The sky was foamy off-white, almost noise-like. Snail was getting ready, but his window of opportunity was closing. It had to be performed now, with utmost precision and speed. The snail, haunted by the images of the past and thinking only about the future, moved. Grabbing inch by inch, the snail marched forward, and their disapproval was futile. A perfect epic finish for this winter downer.


released February 6, 2009





Norbu Serbia

Hello, my name is Norbu and I’m a label founded by Jan Nemecek and Danilo Tomic.
I’m 9 years old, but I still feel really young. Sometimes I feel neglected and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by attention.
When nobody is here I listen to all the tracks and dance.
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