in deep sea expedition

by kalope

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After a lengthy pause, this octal annual release brings joy and happiness to all. With his skillful production, Kalope brings us another not-so-dark release. This selection of aquatic-themed joyful tracks is a sure summer hit.

This short and infectious ep is a more housey affair for these sun-filled chilled Ibiza mornings. After a mesmerizing ambient opening, In deep sea expedition continues with majestic and deep-influenced spliced chords. It’s a deeper exploration of the photic zone. This tom-driven track sees some resemblance to earlier Kalope tracks with its sampled vocals, but reinvents itself with a more complex and playful rhodes theme. Building its groove with shifting chords and echoing flutters, it goes deeper preparing us the next menacing encounters.

Jumping us like a jellyfish in open water, the Droog experience begins. Building its groove around the original reinvented chord progression, it continously explores the depths of original tune. Like a colourful discomedusae, Droog wobbles around like a true deep house chap he is. With its clever reenactment of the main theme with a little touch of reverberation this track builds itself to the high-pitched plucked climax. Like any good track, it abruptly ends this ep. Good subtle edit!


released September 11, 2008





Norbu Serbia

Hello, my name is Norbu and I’m a label founded by Jan Nemecek and Danilo Tomic.
I’m 9 years old, but I still feel really young. Sometimes I feel neglected and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by attention.
When nobody is here I listen to all the tracks and dance.
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